Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Exponential-Friend-Explosion For Networking Purposes

I've just embarked on what I call the Exponential-Friend-Explosion on Facebook. Here's how you do it!
1. Sort your DJ profile out online, including your Facebook fan page.
2. Go to 'Find Friends' on your main Facebook page.
3. Add everyone that is related (however remote) to the DJ industry.
4. Wait.
5. Once people start accepting you as their friends, go back to 'Find Friends', and click on all those that have at least 2 mutual friends with you.
6. Wait again.
7. Rinse and repeat step 5 as many times as necessary.
8. Win!
Warning! You may get banned by Facebook for sending too many friend requests. This ban only lasts for 2 days, however.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Inspiration Indeed

Sammasati Reverie (Kronomash) (Deva Premal VS Marcus Schossow) - DJ Kron...

Asatoma Legacy (Kronomash) (Deva Premal VS Nicky Romero & Krewella) - DJ...

Shima Fox Love (Kronomash) (Deva Premal VS Ylvis) - DJ Kronotrope

Gayatri Of The Tsunami (Kronomash) (Deva Premal VS DVBBS & Borgeous) - D...

I Don't Care About Your Dreams (Ruthie Henshall VS Icona Pop Feat Charli...

After A Long Day Of Procrastination

Finally got a few things done, like standardising my template, creating the artwork for all my Kronomashes, and creating the relevant videos for upload onto YouTube. I'm tired.

Standardisations For Online Upload


1. Cut off loose ends at closest zoom on Audacity.
2. Amplify maximally without clipping. If suggestion is for a negative value, ignore.
3. Export as 128 kbps.


1. Reduce image to 640 by 480 pixel size in Paint.
2. Copy paste template in GIMP.
3. Add title to the top.


1. Combine Music and Artwork in Windows Movie Maker.
2. Add 2 seconds to the end of the song as defined on PotPlayer.
3. Export as png, standard computer size (640 by 480 pixels).


YouTube: Direct Upload
SoundCloud: Direct Upload
MixCloud: Direct Upload
Blog: YouTube
Facebook: YouTube
Twitter: YouTube
Tumblr: SoundCloud (YouTube secondary)
Pinterest: YouTube

Kronotrope's Official Logo

Monday, 28 October 2013

The Difference Between New Age EDM And The Kronomash

The Kronomash, as I've already defined, is a mashup between EDM and New Age relaxation music. This is different from New Age EDM in a few ways, despite the seemingly similar definitions.

1. The Kronomash is essentially still a mashup, whereas New Age EDM is typically not.

2. The "New Age" title in New Age EDM is used loosely and incredibly variably, and can refer to anything from the fact that EDM itself is a relatively new genre of music to New Age influences in EDM. None of these definitions, however, infringe upon that which is used in the Kronomash. The New Age music of which the Kronomash is comprised follows the definition of New Age music as stated on Wikipedia.

"New Age music is an umbrella term for various downtempo music intended to create artistic inspiration, relaxation, and optimism. It is used by listeners for yoga, massage, meditation, and reading as a method of stress management or to create a peaceful atmosphere in their home or other environments, and is often associated with environmentalism and New Age spirituality."

The EDM component of the Kronomash is, on the other hand, any music that is classed as EDM, and includes everything from Jungle to Trance to Electro. Again, the full list is on Wikipedia.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

New Age CDs

I've just taken the liberty of bidding on a fair number of New Age CDs. If I win them all, I'm likely to go bankrupt. On the bright side, I'll have a lot more material for my Kronomashes!

Monday, 21 October 2013

Mashups and construction

Mashup programs are like construction sites when a mashup is being made; there are always sneaky bits of tunes lying everywhere!

Asatoma Legacy (Kronomash)

Kronotrope's Lesson Log - Mashups (1)

Over the past three days, I've learnt so much about producing mashups. I think that one of the best ways to learn is to actually do, and these recent experiences have proven vastly useful indeed.

1. Try not to tamper with good drops inherent in well-known songs; everyone expects that good drop.

2. Amplify sounds that need amplifying.

3. Splice tracks and drop the beats. It is not necessary to force entire rounds of 4 into the musical grid if it doesn't make any sense.

4. Manually assess the BPM of acapellas by timing a round of 4x4 or 8x4 (or whatever you want), comparing that to a similar set of beats in the EDM track, and do the mathematics accordingly. Do not rely on BPM provided by programs. After this, change the tempo of the acapella (without changing the pitch) to suit the EDM track's beat exactly. For greater accuracy, find out the EDM track's exact BPM manually as well. If comparing the relative difference between the acapella's BPM and the EDM track's BPM, then the exact BPM's of both tracks need not be known. The acapella's BPM can be changed to suit the EDM track's (by changing the acapella's BPM percentage-wise using Audacity or some other music program). The advantage of this latter method is that the EDM track need not undergo a tempo-change at all.

The simple mathematics: For a similar set of beats between acapella and EDM,

Divide the acapella timing by the EDM track's timing, then multiply that by 100%.

Proceed to modify the acapella's tempo value by this exact percentage.


EDM track does 8x4 in 15 seconds
Acapella does 8x4 in 30 seconds
30/15 x 100% = 200%
Increase the acapella by 200% (or a factor of 2) and you'd have perfect beat-matching between the two tracks.

The mashup can now begin!

Shima Fox Love (Kronomash)

Shima Fox Love by Dj Kronotrope on Mixcloud

Gayatri Of The Tsunami (Kronomash)

Gayatri Of The Tsunami by Dj Kronotrope on Mixcloud


The Kronomash is a genre that I've created and affectionately named. Specifically, a Kronomash is a club mashup between EDM and New Age music. These genres could not be more different from one another. While EDM stimulates one's sympathetic system and is designed for tearing up dance floors, New Age music stimulates one's parasympathetic system and is designed for use in massage parlours.

In essence, the tempo of the slower song is increased to match the beat of the faster song. This is why it's called a Kronomash ('Krono' = time and 'mash' = crush). This paradoxical combination results in a tune capable of sending listeners into states of pure ecstasy.

And indeed, the Kronomash embodies the true spirit of the Kronotrope.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Kronotrope's Logo - Draft 1

Initial Mashups

Just made my first mashup yesterday, and my second one today. Took me a rather long time, but then again, most of the time was spent figuring the software out. The rest was just pure, distilled fun!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Kronotrope's Essential Equipment Item #7 - Portable CD Storage Case

Kronotrope's Essential Equipment Item #6 - Earplugs

Kronotrope's Essential Equipment Item #5 - Cap

Kronotrope's Essential Equipment Item #4 - Headphones

Kronotrope's Essential Equipment Item #3 - Music

Kronotrope's Essential Equipment Item #2 - Computer

Kronotrope's Essential Equipment Item #1 - Pony!

The Kronotrope's Essential Equipment Series

I will be uploading pictures and videos of the new DJ equipment that I get. Collectively, these would form the Kronotrope's Essential Equipment series.

The computer has arrived!

Having your computer stolen isn't exactly the easiest thing to bear, but now that my new baby's arrived, things should start getting much better!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Building up - one step at a time

Over the next few weeks/months, I'll be posting updates on my progress. There have been many things in real life that have been hindering me, but I'm determined to emerge the victor!