Monday, 21 October 2013


The Kronomash is a genre that I've created and affectionately named. Specifically, a Kronomash is a club mashup between EDM and New Age music. These genres could not be more different from one another. While EDM stimulates one's sympathetic system and is designed for tearing up dance floors, New Age music stimulates one's parasympathetic system and is designed for use in massage parlours.

In essence, the tempo of the slower song is increased to match the beat of the faster song. This is why it's called a Kronomash ('Krono' = time and 'mash' = crush). This paradoxical combination results in a tune capable of sending listeners into states of pure ecstasy.

And indeed, the Kronomash embodies the true spirit of the Kronotrope.



  2. Please note that this definition has now officially been changed. Please find below the new definition of the Kronomash.