Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Exponential-Friend-Explosion For Networking Purposes

I've just embarked on what I call the Exponential-Friend-Explosion on Facebook. Here's how you do it!
1. Sort your DJ profile out online, including your Facebook fan page.
2. Go to 'Find Friends' on your main Facebook page.
3. Add everyone that is related (however remote) to the DJ industry.
4. Wait.
5. Once people start accepting you as their friends, go back to 'Find Friends', and click on all those that have at least 2 mutual friends with you.
6. Wait again.
7. Rinse and repeat step 5 as many times as necessary.
8. Win!
Warning! You may get banned by Facebook for sending too many friend requests. This ban only lasts for 2 days, however.

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