Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Status Check For 2013

As this year comes to a close, I thought it'd be best to make a note of where DJ Kronotrope stands right now.
Please note that DJ Kronotrope began on the 25th of September 2013.

Ranks on The DJ List

Global - #8528
UK - #1063
Manchester - #62

Songs uploaded to SoundCloud, YouTube, Pinterest and Tumblr

46, of which 45 are Kronomashes


DJ Mixes uploaded - 1
Original mixes uploaded - 0


SoundCloud - 856
YouTube - 584

Follower stats

Facebook - 759 Friends
Facebook Page - 101 'Likes'
Twitter - 51 Followers
SoundCloud - 24 Followers
YouTube - 4 Subscribers


Page views - 4680
Posts - 144

Professional appearances

Real-life gigs - 0 (1 Practice gig at Sound Control in Manchester)
Radio guest mix - 1 (Pitch Kontrol radio show)

Professional commitments

DJ with System UK for 2014

Professional advancements

Successfully completed the DJ course at Manchester Midi School in early December 2013



Blueprints For I Love You Conquistador

I Love You Conquistador (Kronomash) (Dos Coyotes VS Kill Paris) - DJ Kronotrope

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Definition Revision For The Kronomash

In light of the obvious restrictions of the term 'EDM', the definition of the Kronomash shall now officially be revised to mean a mashup between New Age music and Electronica.

Please see below for the full definition.

A Kronomash is a mashup between Electronica and New Age music, and is a mashup genre created by DJ Kronotrope. The resultant sound is necessarily 128 bpm, has a minute of introduction, and is at least 5 minutes long.
Given that these two constituent genres have notable areas of overlap, the term 'Electronica' here refers mainly to dance music, although it may well include all sounds that fall under every accepted definition of the genre except anything that can be classed as 'New Age'.

Blueprints For Dreams For Another Time

Dreams For Another Time (Kronomash) (Bliss VS Nina Marquis) - DJ Kronotrope

Logo On A Back

Monday, 2 December 2013

100th Post

This is Kronotrope's 100th post! DJ Kronotrope is on about 10 different networks, has officially 30 songs on SoundCloud, and possesses almost 600 Facebook friends.

Two months in.

Blueprints For Dolphin City

Dolphin City (Kronomash) (Caitlin VS Merce & Farisha) - DJ Kronotrope

Blueprints For She's In The Zone

She's In The Zone (Kronomash) (Caitlin VS Zerotic) - DJ Kronotrope

Blueprints For 365 Higher

365 Higher (Kronomash) (Caitlin VS Electric Joy Ride) - DJ Kronotrope

Blueprints For Wisdom Destruction

Wisdom Destruction (Kronomash) (Caitlin VS Aero Chord) - DJ Kronotrope

Blueprints For A Mystery Woman's Propaganda

A Mystery Woman's Propaganda (Kronomash) (Caitlin VS C.V.I. & Terroreast) - DJ Kronotrope

Blueprints For Seven Core Sacred Visions

Seven Core Sacred Visions (Kronomash) (Caitlin VS Tristan Garner) - DJ Kronotrope

Blueprints For Sun Circle Transistor

Sun Circle Transistor (Kronomash) (Ah Nee Mah VS Kredo) - DJ Kronotrope