Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Kronomash Klash

Kronomash Klash is a novel series of hour long mixes produced by DJ Kronotrope. It comprises only Kronomashes.

Characteristically, these mixes begin and end with a short narrative depicting the fictional, futuristic underground war occurring in a parallel, post-apocalyptic universe between artists of the two genres. It plays on the use of the word 'versus', usually abbreviated as ‘VS’, in mashups when acknowledging artists of the two constituent sounds.

While the New Agers can access all weaponry and sorcery present in High Fantasy fiction (think Lord Of The Rings), the Electronic Dancers can access all modern and futuristic sci-fi technology (think The Matrix).

The narratives are kept deliberately short and vague, however, and provide only a backbone for the overall plot. The rest of what happens in between is deliberately left free for the listener's imagination to fill in, guided only by the strange sounds inhabiting the main bulk of the playback.

In a way, it is much like a audio book; but instead of words, the story is told through the sound of Kronomashes. Hence, mixes are labelled as chapters.


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